We Buy Vintage


Vintage Virtuosa Buying Guidelines

Welcome to our private collection. We collect and purchase vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories from the early 1900s to the 1980s/90s, designer and non-designer alike for all eras. Our preference is to buy, we rarely consign.

If you have items that you wish to sell, please email us a list of your items and include the following:

  • Images (nothing fancy, use your phone and make it easy on yourself, we just need an idea of what you have)     
  • Brief description of the items
  • Condition, noting any visible flaws such as stains, rips, holes
  • Your asking price.

We love and respect these items however please note our level of pricing is based on wholesale and resale values.

After we review your request and images, we will contact you for an appointment, and we do make house calls.  If you are out of our area, we will do our best to work an arrangement remotely.

So before you throw anything out, let us come see what you have, we will do our best to make the experience a pleasant one.

Inquiries can be emailed to Karen@vintagevirtuosa.com.  Thank you!